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Stay up-to-date with RPC client news and hot topics in the industry.

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Our Leadership Insights

Explore our Leadership Insights. We take our deep industry expertise and convert it into usable insights for our clients. Here you will find headlines that matter, and so much more. Deep insights, expert analysis, peer perspectives, and relevant events combine to give you everything needed to match the pace of your profession.

Our articles and thought leadership pieces cover the entire residential and commercial ecosystem, providing our clients with a 360-degree view of our industry.  Our real estate industry insights will help simplify the complexities real estate professionals face in an ever expanding and changing environment.

Here are some great Fannie Mae Links!

Below are web links helpful links to Fannie Mae’s Selling Guide, Collateral Underwriter, Appraiser Newsletter and the Appraiser Engagement Mailbox.

Fannie Mae Selling Guide & Selling Guide Updates * Site includes most up to date Single Family Selling Guide & recent announcements regarding Selling Guide updates. We continue to update our polices, including appraisal policies, so this is a great way to stay up to date.

Collateral Underwriter (CU) Webpage * Site has everything related to CU including self-paced training courses which are available to both lenders & appraisers. Highly recommend taking the courses to better understand CU scores & messages.

Fannie Mae Appraiser Page * Useful resource for appraisers & includes link to newsletter.

Appraiser Newsletter * Appraisers can sign up & have newsletter sent upon distribution (see page one). Most recent newsletter was issued in April 2018.

Appraiser Engagement Mailbox * If appraisers cannot find answers to their questions through the above resources they can send an e-mail to the following mailbox. This mailbox is only for appraisers.


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