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Our Firm

Different from the traditional valuation firm. Because it makes a difference. 

A specialized team of real estate consultants, advisers, expert brokers, and market analysts.

We are disciplined, focused, and committed to sound real estate fundamentals. We embrace education to deepen and develop our knowledge and skills. We strive to be a trusted and reliable stewards of the real estate and communities in which we work, focusing on a long term partnership that measures success in decades, not years. 



Integrity is imperative. When in doubt, we take the high road. Clients find that assuring. 

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Client Focus

We offer forward-thinking advice and guidance based on the client's needs and goals.

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We add measurable value with ideas, advice and capabilities that help achieve positive results.

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Team Mindset

Our team concept offers you more people with vast experience to address your goal.

One of the region's largest valuation & advisory firms

Whether we are serving a public or private company, RPC has the industry and service expertise to help answer your question. We listen to your needs and offer a sounding board for solution-based ideas.

Behind every great organization is a great team. The RPC Group is filled with a team of passionate, knowledgeable and driven professionals from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Entrepreneurs, problem solvers and visionaries ready to assist you.

Our team is good at what they do. The team 

goal is to the absolute best at what we do. Our team members don't see boundaries, they see opportunity. We provide continued investment in our employee’s development by offering resources, supporting professional development and encouraging mentorship to better skills.

Most consulting firms claim to be


However, upon close examination they are tough to distinguish. Ours is not. 
Whether it is our dress code (there is none), the lack of bureaucracy, or the fact that we are engaged in many, many more complex jobs than the other firms, our firm is different

What sets us apart?

We like to do things a bit different here at RPC...


There are winners and losers. Ethics are ingrained into our culture. We play by the rules—period. Winning the right way is the only way. Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do. No ethic is as ethical as the work ethic.


The foundation of our firm is on supporting each other. We consider it our good fortune to work with people whom we not only respect professionally, but we value as friends. We are convinced our diversity makes us better advisers. It definitely makes the firm more interesting.


Clients hire us for their most important and challenging issues. We do some of the most interesting work around. We continue to grow as leaders through the complexity of our work. Some avoid complexity. We embrace it. We do difficult, and do it well.


We are a meritocracy. We do not judge our staff by anything other than the quality of their work. Work is distributed based on capabilities, not seniority. There is little hierarchy among the advisers at our firm, there is only work.


We are a meritocracy. We do not judge our staff by anything other than the quality of their work. Work is distributed based on capabilities, not seniority. There is little hierarchy among the advisers at our firm, there is only work.


We pride ourselves on our work and the research behind it. This discipline helps us define the issue, assign the right tasks and manage costs from the outset of every job. Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence. 

Innovative thinking

We’re growing. We’re ambitious, driven by excellence and, given the freedom to perform, striving to be brilliant at everything we do. Our people carve out their own areas of expertise, developing unique solutions, not problems, for our clients.



Our experience is based on diverse backgrounds. Averaging more than twenty-five years of experience, we possess a broad knowledge-base and expertise covering all disciplines of real estate. We are seasoned professionals and acknowledged leaders in valuation, advisory and consulting in the real estate industry. Our diverse backgrounds, including those with deep local ties to the region, provide for balanced perspectives and best-in-class industry practices. 

Our future is BRIGHT.

We encourage you to read the biographies of our team members and pay particular attention to their life experiences. We believe we have the best pool of knowledgeable counselors of any firm in the world.
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